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Welcome to studio55414 Creative

Hi there. No matter how you’ve happened to stumble upon us and our new shiny website, we’re really excited that you get to share this great moment with us. A lot has happened for us in the last six months — moving into a new home, reevaluating our goals and purpose, and launching into a new level of communication that has us connecting with people all over the globe, including you!

Our home at 1425 ½

Here we are in the heart of historic downtown Plano, Texas. With the new change of address and wonderful outlook to the world around us (hooray for big windows!), our second story home has given us a fresh new outlook and perspective on our purpose and our work. Though it’s not quite Platform 9¾, we still find a great level of magical inspiration from the space we work in and the ability we have to feel connected to the outside world. The area is rich with culture and activity with a slew of local businesses we’ve become friends with. One of our favorite across-the-street locales in the area is Kelly’s Eastside. We’d love for you to come visit us anytime — and If you don’t find us in the office — look right across the street. We’ll be on the patio.

Same turtle, new shell

We thought that designing a new studio55414 was the next obvious step for us once we unpacked all the boxes. With our company evolving so much and the times changing so quickly, we began to rehash our basic principles and update the areas of our business which are so valuable to us and our clients. As you browse through the site and get to know us more, you’ll find that we are all about our clients and the work that we do for them.
In creating the site, we wanted to do something that came natural to us – sharing our creative and meeting new friends. We’ve openly embraced the movement of collective information and the network perspective and joined the ranks of the Twitter nation, Facebook and LinkedIn, in hopes of sharing and learning more and more each day. So please don’t be a stranger — drop us a line and stay a while. We’d love to hear what you think about all of this!

Excited for the future

Everyone here looks forward to what lies ahead. Our dreams have remained as big as ever thanks to our amazing family, friends, and clients who have supported us since day one. Keep checking back as we’ll have more to say and show and if you are ever in the area and feel like a good conversation and a nice cold drink, pay us a visit and see what’s new here at Imaginaria.

Posted by imcreative | 7.15.09

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